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Book Summary


Have you ever wished there was something you could eat that would make you feel better?  That might boost your energy, combat stress or ease cold & flu?


In this practical and essential kitchen handbook, Sunjoo Kim, a busy working mother with two young boys, explores the healing power of food.


Drawing on the strong medicinal and nutritional traditions of eastern cuisines and her passion for French cuisine, Sunjoo Kim has created remipes (remedy + recipe). Her simple remipes combine high potency ingredients to create delicious meals that assist in healing and preventing everyday illnesses.


Healing Meals for Mums is for mothers who want to achieve optimal health, higher energy levels and a stronger sense of wellbeing for their beloved ones and themselves. It outlines a new approach to everyday meal preparation that delivers lasting results, beyond diets and beyond fads.


Sunjoo shares her thoughts about Healing Meals for Mums with great enthusiasm: "Food has a major influence on health and it is 100% under our control. We cannot always control other influences such as our genes, our environment or our relationships, but we can control what we eat. It is of paramount importance to establish a lifelong habit of balanced cooking and eating for our wellbeing and happiness. We owe it to ourselves and our families."

Please click the cover below to preview the excerpt (44 pages  from the 180 pages)

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