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Sunjoo created and trademarked 'remipe' by combining remedy and recipe. Remipes are flavoursome and easy-to-make family recipes that are also remedies to prevent and heal everyday illnesses such as cold, headache and fatigue.
Sunjoo suggests to stop dieting without lasting results and establish a life-long habit of balanced eating and cooking every day.

Let’s face it, a short-term diet of any sort hardly ever works.


We exercise tremendous will power and ‘fight against food’ in many different ways – by limiting calories, avoiding certain types of food, only eating a ‘super’ food, eating more often, eating only at certain times, fasting, etc. etc.


These diets are all too hard. Even if we succeed, we often regress back to where we were, or worse, soon after coming off them because we go back to the same old eating and cooking habits that created the issues we had before.


The damage is not only physical but also deeply emotional. We are no longer in love with or in a peaceful relationship with food when we diet. We treat food as an object to conquer, or even as an enemy to fight against in order to get into the shape or health state we desire.


I am one of those food lovers who wonder whether they eat to live or live to eat. The last thing I want is to constantly struggle with food.


I wished my parents had taught me good habits and attitudes towards food from the beginning.  Wouldn’t it be easier if I had learnt those things as a child rather than an adult?


And so I realised that if things were going to change, it was up to me.  I want my children to learn how to nourish their bodies so they can live long and healthy lives.  I want them to have the pleasure of eating without guilt.  I know I hold the key role in forming their relationship with food from the early stage of their lives.


With this realisation, I was determined to find a new way to establish a life-long habit of balanced eating that restores my peace and love with food – not just for myself, but for my sons – and their children.


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