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Celebrating loving mums and families who 
transformed their daily meals with REMIPES

Focus on the healing power, pleasure and love food delivers.

Establish a life ling habit of balanced eating instead of constantly going on and off short term diets without lasting results.

So many phrases from your book are in my thoughts every day, they often inspire me when I am tired and remind me how important meals are for my family. I have read the introduction to your book over and over!


I have cooked many of your remipes, I love the simplicity combined with interesting flavours and knowledge that they are good for my family.


It is great to have a cookbook with recipes that do not generate hours of washing up, something most cookbooks seem to ignore.

I have given copies of your book to some friends and they love it.


You are an inspiration and I love having your book in my kitchen.


/// Joanne Dinnie, a working mother of two girls (who love your chickpea curry) and wife (of very fussy husband who loves your miso seaweed)

“Following the REMIPE approach enabled me to become the favorite cook of the house. It's easy, simple, delicious and so good for you.”

/// Guy Gibson

“My relationship with food has become much more balanced and peaceful since I no longer try unnatural ways such as limiting fats or calories. I simply think about healing power of food and focus on the pleasure food gives me.”

/// Johana Rock

All these people
changed their lives with REMIPES

Stop dieting and start living TODAY

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