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Stop dieting, start living

Let’s face it, a short-term diet of any sort hardly ever works.

We exercise tremendous willpower and ‘fight against food’ in many different ways – by limiting calories, avoiding certain types of food, only eating a ‘super’ food, eating more often, eating only at certain times, fasting, and the list goes on and on.

These diets are all too hard. Even if we succeed, more often than not we regress back to where we were with the same old eating and cooking habits that created the issues we had before.

The damage is not only physical but also deeply emotional. When we are dieting it’s impossible to maintain a peaceful, harmonious relationship with food. We are instead treating it as an object to conquer, an enemy to fight in order to get into the shape or health state we desire.

I am one of those food lovers who wonder whether they eat to live or live to eat. The last thing I want is to constantly struggle with food.

Since my early twenties, I have been searching for ways to enjoy the pleasure of food and also keep myself in the best health and shape I can be. I didn’t want to repeat going on and off any kind of short-term diet. I didn’t want to count calories all the time nor put up with healthy but boring food. These types of solutions are simply not sustainable.

The only way to truly succeed in this quest is to establish a life-long habit of balanced cooking and eating. I have managed to keep a stable weight for the last 15 years (except when I was pregnant with my two boys, of course!) because I focused on forming the right habits that were sustainable long term.

The right habits for me include eating balanced meals regularly with a relaxed mind, cooking more often especially on busy days (we need nutritious and satisfying meals on these days even more) and letting myself enjoy indulgent foods every now and then (but not too often!). Yes, it is still a balancing act and requires a lot of practice until you find a balance point that works for you but once you do all the initial effort is fully worthwhile.

This is why I place emphasis on simplicity so that nutritious, balanced meals can still be achieved on busy days but with exciting flavours being the focus of everyday meals so that healthy eating not only becomes sustainable but enjoyable. Yes, this is the Remipe style of cooking and eating I am passionate about and I think you could be too!

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