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Why I created Remipe and published my cookbook Healing Meals for Mums

I’m a working mother of two young boys and a cook on a mission to help others discover joy and ease in everyday cooking with a focus on the healing power of food.

I grew up in Korea where the tradition of using food as a healing aid was widely adopted. My late grandmother always knew just what to cook when I was not feeling well based on knowledge that had been passed on to her through the generations. Whether it was science or simply love, I always felt better after eating her food.

I went to live with my grandparents after my parents divorced when I was five. My grandparents were farmers and belonged to the generation who believed hugging children spoils them. I felt really lost and missed my parents' expressive love but I soon realised that my grandmother showed her love for me in her own special way: through her food.

Whether cooking dinner, packing me a school lunch or preparing one of my favourite snacks from her little paddock where she cultivated rows of strawberries, corns, grapes, and sweet potatoes, everything my grandmother grew and made was done with love for me. She was an inspirational cook who knew how to bring the best out of fresh and simple ingredients to create happiness at the family table.

When I cook I am with my grandmother, her love transferred to the food I prepare, and I feel deeply connected to her and my family. So, for me, cooking means healing, pleasure and love and, when I became a mother, I deeply wanted to share this experience and sentiment with my own family.

This is why I created Remipe (Remedy + Recipe). Remipe is my way of sharing the simple, delicious and healing cooking that I believe should be experienced by everyone every day. It is the powerful connection with life, love and health that I discovered through food as a little girl and I want to recreate this to fit in with modern day family life and help others to do the same.

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