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Sunjoo Kim

Sunjoo Kim is French, Korean and Australian cook on a mission to help people discover joy and ease in everyday cooking, focusing on the healing power of food. Her grandmother was an inspirational cook and taught Sunjoo how to enjoy traditional Korean dishes and flavours.  Sunjoo grew up in Seoul, where a variety of Asian cuisines available, hence Sunjoo has a broad culinary appreciation of Asian cooking.
Over 15 years ago, Sunjoo met her husband Pierre-Francis in France, and they moved to Australia to make a life together. This enabled Sunjoo to experiment with Western cuisine in her daily life, influenced by her deep grounding in Asian cuisine.  
Sunjoo’s food reflects her life experience, learning and passion for healthy and delicious food developed over the different phases of her life, as a girl in Korea eagerly watching her grandmother cook, as a young IT professional in France discovering the joys of French cooking, and as a loving mother in Sydney preparing nutritious food for her family.  
Sunjoo says:
“I started writing Healing Meals for Mums when I remembered my late grandmother's love for me expressed through her food. When I was not well, my grandmother always knew what to cook to make me feel better. Food was not only fuel for everyday life, but also a medicine created with love. I hope that this book will help you enjoy the medicinal benefits of food as well as its convenience, its pleasure and the love it delivers.”
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